Probate Solicitors UK

Request certification of training in Probate

Training organisations, other than a regional vocational training centre, a university institution or a law firm, may apply for the registration of their training at the National Bar Council.

Why apply for a probate?

The approval is a quality label which allows to identify the trainings conforming to the modalities laid down by the National Council of bars and guarantees its quality.

Obtaining a probate allows you to mention it on the programmes and all the communication materials of the training concerned. These will also be added to the list of probate courses published on the National Bar Council website when applying for probate UK.

The approval is independent of any procedure of validation of the continuous training by the Councils of the order.

Who can apply for a probate?

The training provided by the law schools is legally probation. The approval covers any establishment other than a law firm or a university institution, which is referenced as trusts and offers training for a lawyer’s public.

Applications may only concern legal training or directly related to the professional activity of lawyers.

How do I get a probate?

The application must be sent to the National Bar Council by e-mail within a minimum of one month before the start of the training.

The dossier includes:

  • the completed registration application form,
  • the detailed program of each training,
  • the evaluation questionnaire submitted to the participants,
  • balance sheets and income statements for the last two financial years.

If approved by the National Bar Council, you will receive a probation number and the “certified training” logo, which can be exploited on all communication programs and media.